PROJECT:  Zucchini Noodle Launch

ROLE: Creative Director

PARTNERS: Barkley Agency, Linhart PR, Jacob Gerhardt, Tori Hutchens

For years, Noodles & Company struggled with the perception that noodles are unhealthy. The idea of the zucchini noodle, or “Zoodles,” created a platform that tastes great, affirms the company’s authority on noodles, and honors the brand’s heritage. In May 2018, we became the first fast-casual chain to offer zucchini noodles nationwide, allowing guests a more healthful version of their favorite dishes. Almost overnight, the Zoodles introduction created a dramatic turnaround in the business. Noodles posted industry-leading same-store sales results, peaking at +5 percent, and a return to strong year-over-year margin growth.